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Thread: Moving washer machine drain/slab concrete foundation

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    Question Moving washer machine drain/slab concrete foundation

    Currently, our washing machine is located in the kitchen, and we want to move it appoximately 6 ft to the closet across the hall. I assume, the only way to do this is to cut through the slab concrete, and tap in to the existing drain pipe.
    I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on potential problems with this, or if it can be done at all.
    Also, if it can be done, do I need to provide a vent stack above the new location of the washer drain?

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    Anything can be done it just depends on what you want to spend and if it is worth it.

    Yes the slab will have to be cut / broken up and you will have to tap into an existing drain that is at least 2".

    I would call a few plumbers and get an estimate for the job.

    I'm guessing your house was built in the 40s or 50s and you have copper or galvanized pipe.


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