Hi - this is my first post here, and plumbing is totally new to me, so go easy

As part of my bathroom remodel I'm installing a dual shower with a 2" drain. I want to use the existing 3" drain from the w/c that I removed and have currently capped off. The issue is that my new shower drain will be coming from 180 degrees in the opposite direction (from the left on the photo). I though the easiest thing to do (which may or may not be the best option) would be to chop off my 3" end cap and replace it with a wye and one or two bends to change the direction back towards the new shower drain per my (terribly drawn) annotations on the photo. I'd then cap off the wye on the right side.

I understand that anything more than a 135 degree horizontal bend requires a cleanout (which I of course want to avoid as this will be under the tiled floor), but if I use a wye angled 45 degrees off vertical and then a bend or two would that enable me to avoid having to add a cleanout?

I'm also open to any other suggestions.

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