Hello! I am jut finishing up building a house and had a company come in to treat the water. They didn't do a very good job at testing or treating it, so im looking to have the water tested and buying/installing the equiptment myself. I have many questions, but I'll start with the details I know. It's a shallow well, 90' I upgraded and extended the casing from a burried well seal (existing) to a submersible pump, all new lines, new everything. I did this work myself (I'm a contractor working on my own home) and had great sucess with getting the water into the home. Now that its in the home, I had it tested to be treated. The guy came out and took a sample, poured it into a couple tubes, added an unknown substance and told me the results. I believe what he said was 10 grains hardness, and 0.2 grains iron, no sulfur (i asked) and recommended a water softener and particulate filter.

Now that its been a couple months, I'm smelling sulfur, and see orange in the toilet (not staining) he came out to test sulfur and the results were 0.3 on cold and 0.7 on hot (ppm or mg I forget).

So, my first question is, what is my first step, I assume testing the water again? If so, do I test before or after the equipment I have?