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Thread: Low pump pressure

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    Question Low pump pressure

    Looking for some advice before I pull the pump out of the well to make sure I've tried everything else first.

    I've got a 100' well with a 3/4hp submersible 3 wire pump.
    I'm only getting about 40 psi max out of the pump.
    The switch was set at 50/60.
    I have a cycle stop valve installed but the entire setup is in a well pit so I can check the pressure before the valve.
    There is a check valve installed between the pump and the cycle stop and I'm taking readings between the pump and check valve.

    The pump is drawing about 9 amps per leg and the pump winding resistance is within spec.

    Running the pump maintains around 25-30psi and I have no problem pumping 20 or 30 gallons so it's not running dry.
    When the pump turns off the pressure on the pump side drops to 0.

    At this point I'm thinking the impeller on the pump is worn out or there is a hole/split in the polyethylene pipe?
    I know I replaced the pump several years ago but did not replace the polyethylene pipe.

    Any thoughts or suggestions other than pull the pump and see what comes out of the hole?

    Right now I have adjusted the pressure switch and tank down to run at 30-40 and turn the pump off when not in use till I figure out what happened.

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    Mine did the same thing and it was a split in the pipe right above the pump.

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    Corroded fitting at the pump, split in the drop pipe or worn out pump with a bad check valve

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigpump View Post
    Corroded fitting at the pump
    That is my guess as well.

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