I'm going to be converting a tub to a shower enclosure. The tub drain line is 1 1/2" copper. I'll be using the Kerdi Shower kit, which is designed for a 2" drain. Any workaround? I have to tear up part of the subfloor anyway to move the drain to the center of the shower base, but where the 1 1/2" drain line ties into the
3" pipe, the access is very tight. Is the only option to cut the tee out, and replace with a 3 x 3 x 2 tee? I know that keeping the 1 1/2" drain and using a reducer where the shower drain ties in is not the best option, but will it work? I've torn apart many old showers that functioned properly, that had 1 1/2" pipe. And since copper or PVC drain better than galvanized steel, will it be a problem to use 1 1/2"? If I can use 1 1/2", where is the best place to make the transition, right between the trap and the shower drain flange? There's no permit for this job, so an inspection is not the issue. I want it done right, and to not have any callback. But budget is an issue for my customer.