We are spending a small fortune on a curb-less shower and want to make sure plumbing is properly spec'd. My designer thinks I am too involved but I want to better understand the options. Some of these valve trims list at $1K each so I want to slowly consider and be able to accept the reality of what I need - and don't need. The valves aren't that expensive but the trims sure are (in brushed nickel). We have 2 wells, both with low flow, and pressure is not great. We are putting in one Mastershower handheld on a slide bar and one rain shower, probably a 10" mounted in the ceiling. She had spec'd the RiteTemp but it looks like the Mastershower valves are composed of more brass and less plastic. I also see that the hot/cold balancing on the Mastershower is controlled by wax and in the RiteTemp is controlled by a diaphragm. So, which is more durable and would give us the better performance - and is there a reason why I would definitely not use one over the other, in your opinion(s)? Thanks.