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Thread: Collapsed well repair

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    Default Collapsed well repair

    I have a 38' well that recently has collapsed. Inside the well casing I have water at about 7' and sand at 8'. Inside the 2" galvanized pipe, I have water at 7' and sand at 15'. I replaced a 1/2 hp jet pump with a 1hp jet pump and it filled up with sand and seized the pump within a few minutes of operating. The hardware store opened up the pump and found the impelar area packed full of sand. I am thinking about pulling the pipe out and pounding a sandpoint down to about 20' and hook up the pump again. Will a sandpoint be sufficient to keep the sand out and still allow an adequate flow of water?
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    You have to get the screen of the sand point into a porous layer of soil, and the depth of the water table isn't necessarily where the porous soil is. A new point might also have to penetrate 38 feet deep.

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    The old point and pipe are useless. It needs new everything, including location
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