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Thread: Location requirements for shower/bath shutoffs

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    Default Location requirements for shower/bath shutoffs

    First I want to thanks Terry for having this form; it has helped me immensely in the last few months looking up code requirements and learning how to do things such as removal of poured lead seals on cast iron closet flanges and typical heights for stubouts, etc.

    I am planning on putting ball shut-off valves on a shower I am installing, but cannot find any information of location or distance from shower to valves.

    I'd like to not put them in the wall with the shower as it adjoins a hallway and an access panel would be unsightly.

    The house has a full unfinished basement. Is it acceptable to have the valves in the basement?

    Another option would be to route the shower supply via a second wall that adjoins a closet, then around the corner to the shower mixer valve- but this would require quite a bit more work and elbows/pipe routing and notch-cutting in corner studs i'd like to avoid.

    Input appreciated--


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    Many shower valves are available with built-in shut-offs, but it sounds like you already have one. In a home, shut-offs are not required so you could put them anywhere you want. The basement works.

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    Put them anywhere you want to. There is no "regulation" that pertains to their location, or even whether they are necessary. I have very, VERY, seldom installed shut off valves and even if a valve has them, they are seldom utilized. There are easier ways to repair a tub/shower valve.
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    If you buy a shower valve with shutoffs, and option from most companies, the hassle is, you have to remove the entire trim to access them. 99% of any normal maintenance on them can be done without doing that, so often, a plumber wouldn't know there were there, or try to look for them, and you may have forgotten. They can be handy during a DIY'er remodel, where you may not get to finish things in a timely manner where shutting the whole house off would be a problem. Instead of just the shower, you might want to consider shutting off the entire bathroom suite's water, and depending on how it is supplied, might find a location say inside the vanity.
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    Thank you all for your help!

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