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Thread: A little more than I bargained for

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    Default A little more than I bargained for

    Hey Terry,

    I was wondering you could help me out with this project I have tackled. I know I need clean-outs but I am not sure where I should put them. I was thinking about putting one on the horizontal run to the lower right of the sink drain but I am not sure if that is allowed. The laundry drain doesn't look right to me. Would it be better if I put a wye going into the horizontal line or have I totally screwed things up by trying to drain the sink and the laundry on the same 2" line? BTW the toilet flange will not be that high I just set it up out of the way so as not to trip on it.

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    The tie in for the laundry needs to have a wye or a combo, not a SanTee on its back.
    As for the Clean out how about putting it at the end of the line near the sink?

    Also it looks like the vent on the toilet is coming off flat that needs to be rotated up so that it can drain.
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