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Thread: Deep well seal & conduit identification

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    Default Deep well seal & conduit identification

    The galvanized conduit coming out of the seal is the house supply. What does the pvc conduit go to? Is this for venting?

    I need to loosen the seal so I can shock the well including the casing. I want to make sure that's not a 5' long vent pipe that's going to drop in the casing when I take the seal off!

    Secondly, Is this a two piece seal? If I loosen all four bolts is half of this thing going to fall down?

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    BTW, The well was drilled in '98. is 220' deep with a 30' static level and an 8 yield. It's marked on the name plate.

    Is that good? I calculate needing to dump 1.5 gallons of bleach in my system to shock the entire house. 280 gallons in the well, 50 gallon hot water heater, 30 gallon tank, 10 gallons for the lines in the house. 2ppm of bleach.

    Is that right?

    I'm going away for a week and I plan to let it sit in the system all week.
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    Getting cap off to pull lines to replace fpot valve

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    The pvc may be part of an emergency hand pump.

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