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Thread: Multiple lights/switches on single circuit.

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    Default Multiple lights/switches on single circuit.

    Remodeling one level of a split. Gutted area and reconfigured the rooms. As a result, all of this existing wiring has been removed. Going to wire with fresh runs from newer breaker box. Looking for some advice on running wire in an efficient and correct manner on four of the lights. In the pictured diagram, I have four lights and switches labeled as L1, S1, etc…. The lights in the small interior room are for the powder room and will be on a different circuit due to a vent fan and load I wanted to put on the other lights. For the switch boxes, I am using 22.5 cubic inch boxes and for the ceiling fans I am using 21.5 cubic inch boxes (part of a heavy duty ceiling fan mounting system). L1 is an existing outside light that cannot be a junction. L4 is a closet light that can have a large box if needed. The power will come in from with 14 gauge wire where it is labeled “Power Enters Here”. Is it better to have the junctions in the switch boxes or the light fixture boxes? Does it matter to NEC assuming the junction points have capacity to handle the number of wires? Based on my box sizes, is there enough room for the number of wires? Also, what is the best path to run on a single circuit with 14 gauge wire? For the ceiling fans, I am not installing separate switches for the light and fan. They will be controlled by one switch.
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    post a link to your ceiling fan box

    Install the cable just like you would if you were connecting the dots type picture. Include the switch in this connecting the dots and take the switch leg up to the fixture.
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