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Thread: Water Heater only Luke Warm

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    Default Water Heater only Luke Warm

    My water heater is only putting out luke-warm water. I put an OHM reader to the upper element and lower element at 1k OHM and both needles moved to infinity so I'm assuming both elements are ok. I just turned the heater on and the upper element is currently on but the lower element is not.

    I should note that this happened right after I replaced my well pump. I could hear a dripping when I emptied the pressue tank and couldn't identify where it was coming from. Waht I think might have happened is that due to no pressure in the system, the hot water tank could have lost a bit of water. After I turned everything back on, the hot water got REALLY hot - hotter than it's ever been - then went luke-warm. Sounds like the upper element burning out, right? So why is the multi-meter still showing movement. Maybe it's the thermostat?
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