Hello all I am desperate to find out why my toilet stinks so bad. Wife and myself just moved into a new home and we noticed a foul old pee smell coming from the toilet when the water was disturbed from usage or flushing. She would clean the toilet every 3-5 days and the smell would stay away for the most part but recently it seems like its getting worse. The toilet is not anchored very good, it shifts a little bit, when I get down right next to the base I can detect a faint pee smell but its not nearly as bad as what is coming out of the bowl itself. I can flush the toilet 10 times in a row without using it and get the most horrid old pee smell every time. It never goes away. We also have extremely bad iron in our water, not sure if that could be related. Also after flushing I notice some tiny bubbles coming back up from bottom of the toilet while the tank is filling back up, not sure if that may be related either.

The place started out as a 1964 single wide mobile home. It had two addtional rooms built on, walls got stucko, and a new roof was built. It looks like a house now but its base is still a super old mobile home. Any ideas on what is making the toilet bowl water stink like this? I really could use some advice. In the next few days I'm going to remove the old toilet and cracked bathroom tile, put new 3/4" plywood subflooring right over the top of the existing subfloor and install a new cheap model toilet from homedepot or lowes. After that I'll decide what kind of finished floor we want, it'll be something cheap like laminate. I'd hate to do all this work but not fix the existing problem so I turned to you guys for help. Thanks for any info.