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Thread: Buying a Toto Drake CST744SL; Best Replacement Fill Valve?

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    Default Buying a Toto Drake CST744SL; Best Replacement Fill Valve?

    Hello. I'll be purchasing a Toto Drake and in my research learned that the fill valve is not the best that it could be. Should I put in a Korky 528MP or a Fluidmaster 400A when the toilet is initially installed? Thanks in advance.

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    I would use whatever fill valve it comes with. Everybody has an oppinon though. I've installed thousands of them though, so I'm going to notice that I hardly ever have a call back, ever.
    I would not use a Fluidamaster 400A in a TOTO. Ever!

    TOTO uses three fill valves, and they all work fine.
    Some do come with one made by Korky.

    The Fluidmaster 400A is much noiser, has more water hammer, and it overfills the bowl by a bunch. The 400A would wind up costing you a lot on the water bill.
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    I would not replace the fill valve on a new toilet. ANd, I agree, I like the Korky valve they build for Toto. Yours may come with one of those, it's sort of pot-luck. If it fails in the first year or two, Toto will send you a free replacement, but that rarely happens. I'd definitely wait until I had a problem.
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    Terry is rational and correct, of course. All a fill valve has to do is open to fill the toilet and close when it's full. It's not a hard job. Hard to imagine that some of us have "preferences" about something so basic. However, as Terry points out, the design of different fill valves can lead to things like water hammer, etc. My own experience with several Toto toilets now is that the Voreto valve (the one with the white screw) is more likely than the others to chirp or screech when it closes, after it has been used for a while. If you don't experience this, then leave the thing in until it stops working correctly, which is probably a matter of five or ten years. If you do, then swap it for a Korky 528MP (528MPK is the number Lowe's lists it under) MaxPerformance fill valve with the silver cap. (The white cap and red cap Korky 528s don't have the proper refill ratio for your toilet; the blue-cap 528T does for the 1.6gpf Drake that you are buying, but it's likely to be more expensive for no reason other than scarcity.)

    The official Toto "universal" fill valve that Toto now sells/ships as the sole replacement fill valve, the TSU99A.X, is made by Korky and is basically a 528MP.

    Good luck. Enjoy your Toto and it's likely to be just fine right out of the box.
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