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Thread: Furnace fuel conversion

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    Default Furnace fuel conversion

    Now that I've re-arranged the trap alphabet, vented the vents, tamed the teetering "terlit", and am proficient in everything pex, I am down to the last of the trailer tales.

    From what I'm told, the furnace that is now running on kerosene from a 250 gallon oil tank, was originally on NG. There are a bunch of different value orifices sitting on top of the furnace.

    I want to convert back to NG which is already piped in. Even though I've worked on NG furnaces among others, I've never done a conversion from one fuel to another.

    Do to my advanced age with shaky hands, poor eyesight and a wandering brain, I think I'll go with a pro.

    I would just like some ballpark info on what is involved as far as time and materials.

    Two pictures are worth two thousand words.

    The furnace is working absolutely, positively, perfect, as it is.

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