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Thread: Can you identify this control valve?

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    Default Can you identify this control valve?

    This was taken from a community college, it was used 3 years then they replaced with a larger system. I have 2 of these identical control valves with the brass head attached. I cannot find make/model information anywhere that positively identifies this. Can anyone help?Name:  photo 3-1.jpg
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    the box this is mounted on has PN 40278
    Under the main timer I can read "serial No 71101-005.000-0004c00" but it is identical on the second unit, so i'm not sure what that is identifying.

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    Fleck 2900 commercial valves that are set up as softeners or potassium permag units.
    The one in the photo is part of a lock out system, there is a master control unit some place that is not on the valve control.

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    Pre-2006 Fleck 2900 electromechanical valve. The valve was re-cast as a single piece in the middle of 2005. A remote meter or other piece is missing as stated earlier. Probably a softener valve, it is set up for a 24" diameter tank (15 GPM DLFC). In that time frame, system 7 (twin alternating) or system 6 (series regeneration) were very common.

    It appears to be in decent condition. It would make a great rental unit.

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