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Thread: Low water pressure - well

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    Default Low water pressure - well

    Hey guys, I will just write all the pertinant info:

    -House built in 1978, original well & pump
    -Pressure has never been great, but noticeably declining over the past few months
    -Noticed the pump was constantly running
    -Dinked around with the pressure switch until I got it to a point where it would shut itself off. Kicks on at around 20 psi and off at about 23-25 psi - that's the only way I could get it to shut off. Previously it was kicking off at 30, which is the highest the pump can get to.
    -Pump comes on within 5 seconds of opening a faucet, and will run continuously when a faucet is open
    -Noticed after someone used the hose outside that we would get air spurts and dirty water coming out of the inside faucets briefly.

    We are dealing with it, but the pressure is too low to live like this forever. Called a well guy out, and without even running the water or anything, basically told me it must be the well point, and suggested that it's not even worth servicing and that I just need a new well. Well, don't really have that kind of money floating around, so looking for more information.

    What are the chances that it's the pump? Any other thoughts?

    Thank you!!

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    How deep is the well? How deep to water? How deep is the pump set, assuming it is a submersible? What is the amp draw, in relationship to the pumps data plate? These are things that need to be looked at, before making a good guess as to what the problem is. But, if i was to give a random guess with the info .you have provided, i would look at a hole in the down pipe, due to corrosion, or a leaky fitting. This is especially common if your driller dug you a dog legged hole, like mine did for 50 homes in my area. But, this is just a guess, and something else to look at. Good Luck!


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    Quote Originally Posted by kpote View Post
    House built in 1978, original well & pump
    Given the age of everything, I'd say you probably need to replace everything. Have you tried cleaning out the jet?

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