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Thread: Murky well water

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    Default Murky well water

    We have a new well, only a couple of weeks old. Our well goes down 220 feet and we get 10+ gallons per minute. Our holding tank is in the well, not above ground, as our area gets very cold in the winter. Anyway, our pump installer (not the well driller as we felt like they were ripping us off) told us to run the pump for several hours each day because our water was pretty murky when it came out of the tap. He made it sound like this was a normal occurence in our area. When we ran the water, the water that came out of the hose was clear and looked great. We thought running the water was just a precaution, so we did it anyway. After about three hours, we sampled the water again to find it looking murky and full of sediment. Not muddy, thank goodness, but definitely looking silty. We called the pump installer and he said to keep running the water until it clears up, but after reading several threads on this website, I'm worried out well might not have been dug correctly. Perhaps my concern is premature, but I'm really worried about this. Our neighbors all have good wells with much higher water volumes than we have. There are also several artesian wells near our property, but nothing on our acreage. Any advice? Thanks!

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    New wells will run like that for awhile so run it for a week or so and see what happens.
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