Hey folks. First time I have needed to post after getting so much help with projects just by reading old threads. Thanks for the great advice on everything from water softener repair to lift pump recommendations.

Here is my deal. Came home to a wet basement. Dried everything out and it appears it is coming from my poly supply line that runs under the basement footings through a black corrugated line. I can watch the level rise inside of the black corrugated when I have my well powered up and there is water usage. When it is powered down the level of course falls down inside the pipe. I see zero pressure loss.

Here is my dilemma. The run from the house isn't that long. 50' or so. Unfortunately it runs under a porch that is 15' wide, 6' of clean ground, and then 4' of sidewalk before the final clean ground run to the well. I am seeing zero soft spots in the yard between, it also is a straight shot so they shouldn't have needed any 90's or T's. Which leads me to believe that the leak is probably closer to home around the footing area.

Here are my questions:

The home was built about 15 years ago and I don't think the porch footings go down as far as the basement footings however the area was excavated the same by the pictures I saw. Any chance that the plumber ran the the corrugated pipe all the way to the outside of the porch?

Is it even feasible to pull the old pipe the 18' or so feet if I excavated to the edge of the porch?

Am I off base by thinking the leak is probably closer to the house because of the lack of soft spots in the yard and the rise and fall of the water inside the corrugated line? Any chance it's leaking by the well casing and cut a river to the bottom of the footing?

Is there any reason in a worst case scenario that I couldn't move move my inlet location to the side of the porch (approx 20') and cut a new hole through the block and than run my poly pipe along the basement wall to the pressure tank while leaving the existing wiring with the old inlet pipe?

I'm not rich and can't imagine trying to bore a hole under the porch would be cheap at all.

Thanks for taking the time to try and give me some ideas or assistance.