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Thread: Confirmation of plumbing layout needed

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    I was just talking about this thread last night.

    When I'm on site, and can "see" everything, it takes me about 15 minutes to come up with a layout.
    Here, even though you have amazing drawings, I can't see enough for that.
    On site, I may see a wall off to a side that allows dropping things through without all the bends that you have shown.
    If the plumbing were to come from the other side of the wall below, it would be easier.
    A lav can wet vent over a tub or shower. You get 42" on the trap arm for the tub and 42" for the lav vent.
    Put the wet vent portion between those two and you can spread them 84"
    A shower trap arm, or 2" trap arm can be 60" long. Sometimes I need that length when I'm fitting things in.

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    Tom - Unfortunately that was not a misquote, he even said that this is the way he had just done his house. I even know that was not right.

    Terry - Thanks for the info. Sorry about not communicating this in an understandable way. Here are some other views for context. Blue is basement walls, Green is first floor, and white/orange second floor walls.
    Name:  Maple St  House ver.jpg
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    Is this what you mean about the tub and lav?
    Name:  6.6.jpg
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    Name:  6.8.jpg
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    Is the toilet drain doing the 180 long sweep bend crazy? I came up with this design because the 4 in cast iron is the main stack and and it turned flat original under this original location for the toilet they had laid a cast tee on its back to connect the toilet. There was/is nothing upstream to wash any solids down that were high in the tee although we had never had a problem and amazingly there was no build-up when I took it out but the bottom of the tee was very thin. arranging it this way allows the solids to reach the vented section before continuing down. The alternative I see to this is going downstairs opening up the wall (plaster) at a bell about 2-3 feet down using a Fernco and street Wye, bring the vent straight up over and connect back up to the roof opening, Then connect the toilet to the to the other leg of the wye using a 45 then up, 1/4 bend, over, then closet flange. Name:  6.7.jpg
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