Greetings Everyone!

I am remodeling a 60 inch by 72 inch bathroom...a 3/4 bath. The toilet will share the same short wall as the shower, unfortunately, No room to expand...

I am thinking about a 36" neo angle shower with a purchased base and a semi frameless or frameless (depends on $$$) shower enclosure. I see from the specs that the BASE is 36" but the glass will be 34" . Is this correct? So, what about a 38" base and and 36" glass? This will be a bit more manageable, and will leave only 22" for the toilet, which I am sure is not code on Cape Cod Massachusetts, but there is no way to change the bathroom. Right now the toilet is in a 24" space next to a 36" shower.

My only other option seems to be a tiled floor with no purchased base. In this way, the glass can come to the floor and can be 36", allowing for a decent shower.


I could go with a doorless shower, and tile the whole floor, use a pedestal sink, and use on 18" by 84" fixed glass panel to create a dry space by the door for towels and robes.

Any advice or ideas?

Thanks to all the seasoned remodelers out there...