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Thread: My New Toto Drale II C454CEFG just clogged up

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    Do you know, if I use the "blue" Korky 2022BP Power Gravity Flapper, will it stay open long enough to completely empty the Drake II tank? The Korky 3" large adjustable flapper, Model 3060 did not empty the tank dry.

    I know this is not in the spirit of saving water, but since I use a lot of Charmin I would like to get a 3 gal flush.

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    So you fell for the hyperbole that Toto toilets were the epitome of flushing. I have never bought in to it and therefore have only installed a very few Totos and they were purchased by the customer and I installed them. I use several other brands and the customers have never called and said they "clog up all the time".
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    My parents grew up in the depression, and were rationed 4-sheets of TP per event...it carried over. On occasion, I do use more if necessary especially if it is really thin stuff. I can rationally see no reason to use yards of the stuff. If you really are adverse to this, get a bidet seat. I always wash my hands when I'm done anyways. If you are sane about TP use, it is nearly impossible to clog a Toto toilet unless you produce oversized, long, hard stools. Then, few toilets will work. Charmin is probably one of the worst things for a septic tank, and isn't very good for a municipal sewer, either. Just ask a guy who empties them.
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    6 hour ago I decided to see if I could clog the bowl on purpose and so I put six clumps of toilet paper in the bowl. But is all flushed right down, so I figured all is well.
    Yes...........If you try to plug a toilet, you can.
    I've heard of customers doing that. They get a new bowl and see if they can jam it up as soon as they can.
    Charmin has a lot of cotton content. It doesn't break down. So you wind up with masses of cotton in the pipes.

    I've tried to send you business when I get calls and emails from the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. They have been looking to "buy" them from somebody. I guess you haven't been interested in selling them.

    I've sold thousands of toilets in the last ten years. And it's rare to hear of a clog. I have one customer that tries to flush toothbrushes down. That's not a good idea. Nobody ever said a toilet was a good place for a toothbrush or a cell phone.

    To the original poster.
    If you use a toilet for it's intended purpose, it's going to work fine.
    If you going to test it for plugging by putting down insane amounts of paper, then you will do that fine too.
    Do you also test the air bags in your car by bumping into other cars to see if those work?

    The flapper that came with the toilet is fine. It's 800 grams on the MaP testing.
    Any toilet that gets 500 grams is awesome.

    The toilets that hj has in his own home; Eljer one-piece Canterbury, MaP 150 grams. The church I went to in Monroe had those too. They also had a sign over all the doors telling people to flush twice. Once before the paper, and again after the paper.
    In my Bellevue church, we took out the constantly plugging American Standard 5.0 gallon Cadet toilets and replaced with 1.6 gallon TOTO toilets. They no longer have toilets that plug. (Unless you get some goof that comes in and tries to plug them on purpose ) That guy needs a new hobby.
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    OK, I'm gulity of being a goof who tried to plug the Toto on purpose. I was just conducting a test as I know some times I use a lot of Charmin which is my preferred toilet paper beacause it does not fall apart in use.

    In any case, thanks everyone for all the help.

    Bye the way, my recent tests show that, if you use the Korky 3" large adjustable flapper (model 3060)...it dumps another 2 quarts of water from the tank. So that is about a 1.5 gal flush from the tank.

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