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Thread: Delta 600 Valve Replacement

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    Default Delta 600 Valve Replacement

    Hi guys,
    Thought this was the place to go for REAL help! I have a Delta 600 single handle shower Name:  IMG_3431.jpg
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Size:  47.1 KB fixture. The valve (see photo) wasn't working and when we went to replace the "mixer" the head of old one broke OFF and the body is stuck inside the valve (you can see it on the right side.)

    Of course DELTA doesn't 'make this whole valve anymore' so the plumber is telling me I have to buy a whole new set. He's ready to cut the pipes and install a new unit. I can't find anything on the market that I like -- white would be find but "they don't make it anymore...."

    Is there a "junk yard" for these whole valves where I could buy one?

    Many thanks!

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    That is the pressure balancing spool and it WILL pull out with the right tool. Then just buy a new one at any hardware store and screw it in. You don't have a very good plumber if he doesn't know this.
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