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Thread: Condensation line issue

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    Default Condensation line issue

    I have owned an upstairs condo in central Florida since 2005. Over there years I have had a few times in which the condensation line has leaked and caused damage to the lower unit. Stopped up lines, found the PVC had not been glued at 2 joints also. The line was vacuumed just over 2 months ago and clogged again last week. I have used bleach to try and keep it clear and this time used vinegar. The A/C unit is in the center of the condo with vaulted ceilings and the drain line runs thru the floor. The drain line comes out of the bottom of the pan with a 90 degree elbow, does about 8" then another elbow and goes down into floor. I have been told I can not add a float switch. Is this true? can't I put one into the 8" pipe? If that's too low can't I T up and add it at the pan level? I have thought of adding a pump but not sure how to run the new line. Ant ideas would be appreciated.
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    When you say the line is plugged up, what was it plugged up with? The Evaporator coil looks real dirty in the pictures. I would suggest starting at the coil, and clean is with a commercial type of coil cleaner. Then comb the fins, and rinse the evaporator off real good. You could install a low voltage high water alarm in the pan, or a turtle type moisture detector under it for piece of mind, after you get it good and clean. I did some work on A/C's many years ago in Florida, and it was not uncommon to have 100 degree days with 95 percent humidify, as you already know, so allot of water is generated from these coils.


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