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Thread: Round Toilet Seat Dimensions

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    Default Round Toilet Seat Dimensions

    I have two newer toilets with perfectly matched seats.

    Toilet number three is an older Mansfield toilet. It's a heavy model that looks good.
    Years ago I considered junking this toilet to save water. Two large fire bricks on
    opposite sides of the tank drastically reduced water usage. The bowl still empties
    quickly, so there is no problem.

    Standard dimension round seats have never fit properly with this Mansfield bowl.
    I use plastic studs on the underside of the seat to keep it stable. I do not know
    the model number. It might be under the bowl, but I'm not going to pull this
    toilet in a foolish attempt to find model number.

    I carefully measured the bowl rim using two framing squares. The width is 13 inches.
    I measured the length from center of hinge holes to the front edge of the bowl rim.
    Length is 16 inches.

    Standard round seats hang over the front by at least of an inch. Same thing with
    the width.

    The bowl does not look strange or odd. No one has ever said, "Wow! That toilet looks
    really weird!"

    There must be seats that would fit this Mansfield toilet properly. Mansfield is not going
    to have a seat for this bowl. It's too old. (The color is blue.)

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    Because every manufacturer has their own idea about the actual shape of their toilet, if you want a seat to match the contours exactly, the only place you're likely to ever get it is from the manufacturer. What you're seeing with the overhand is typical of a replacement seat. Now, if you paid someone, they could make you one to match it exactly, but it would likely be cheaper to buy a new toilet. Good luck.
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    I usually replace these inexpensive
    wood core seats every two or three years.
    I accidentally deleted the extra post and the post I thought I was leaving.

    Home Centers sell a $8.00 seat for round bowls that I won't even consider installing. It's a service call waiting to happen. Nobody likes those seats.
    The lowest I will go is a $15.00 seat for round. Those have better hinges, but they still chip, discolor and crack, the screws can pull out of the wood. But like you mention, you can replace them every 2-3 years if you want them in good shape.

    A good plastic seat costs more, but it's common to get much more use out of them. And unless you take a file to them, they hold their finish much longer too.

    The cheap seats do hang over the bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Togo815 View Post
    There must be seats that would fit this Mansfield toilet properly. Mansfield is not going
    to have a seat for this bowl. It's too old. (The color is blue.)
    Just for kicks, have a look at the Bemis web site and see if the three Mansfield blue colors they show are the color of your toilet. Bemis isn't the top-of-the-line in terms of seat quality, but it's also not the bottom, and they make a number of grades of seat. Within your color, look at what they have, and maybe look at the spec sheets for the dimensions. They do have round in 3 blues that are supposed to be consistent with Mansfield. I did the heavy lifting and this link should take you to the "Mansfield Colors" page: http://www.bemisseats.com/catalog/to...rer/Mansfield/

    And here are some Bemis spec sheets. The 200SLOWT comes in all 3 blues, the 500EC in only Heritage Blue.

    200SLOWT (Plastic w/slow close easy clean hinges): http://www.bemisseats.com/docs/speci...w/200SLOWT.pdf

    500EC(Wood w/easy clean hinges): http://www.bemisseats.com/docs/speci.../new/500EC.pdf
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    Toilet seat manufacturers make ONE size round front seat,(other than the Eljer Emblem), and it fits all round front toilets, even if it is NOT a "flush fit" which NONE are. They would have to produce hundreds of different sized ones if they had to make them fit exactly to every toilet ever made.
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