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Thread: Bathroom sink drain slope / trap questions

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    Default Bathroom sink drain slope / trap questions

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    Hello all,

    I'm finishing up a full bathroom renovation. It has been a seven-day-per-week job!

    I have a new bathroom vanity, and vessel sink. It sits much higher than the previous sink, and there is a bottom drawer in the vanity that hugs the sanitary tee.

    I believe that the `P` trap should be located in plane, more or less, with the sanitary connection at the wall. Unfortunately for me, this would require eliminating or modifying my bottom vanity drawer, which I would obviously rather not do.

    I would prefer to install the trap a little higher up, maybe even right at the sink drain, and make up piping as needed to the sanitary tee. Although this could result in creating a `S` trap, more or less. Or at the very least, a rather steep section of pipe between the trap and the sanitary tee.

    Any ideas on how to accomplish this without having to mess with that bottom drawer?

    I understand that S traps are no longer allowed by code in most cases, although in my brief amount of searching this morning, I have not seen too many horror stories about them. Just a theoretical tendency to jettison the water in the trap from time to time?

    Thanks in advance,

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    There is an alternative - open the wall.

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    Yep, you need to raise the sanitary tee inside the wall. If the weir of the trap is above the vent connection it will siphon the trap.

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    Or............if you do raise the p-trap, you will then need to add an AAV to break the syphon when it drains.

    If I can get to those before the cabinet is installed, I like to cut into the wall and raise the santee.
    The other option, which I have done too, is notch the drawer.

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