Hello all,

I am hoping that you can help me with my issue. I bought my condo about a year ago (built in 1996) and when I moved in, one of the bathroom's shower did not have any cold water. The sink and the toilet are fine, but in the shower I can't adjust the water temperature at all (it is basically as hot as the water heater is set). Now the same issue has spread to my other bathroom that has a bathtub. Same exact issue. For the last several months, the water temperature would be very difficult to control as it would go from cold to scalding with nothing in between, but now there is no cold water at all. Additionally it was experiencing another possibly related issue - I was able to adjust the water temperature when I first started the water, but as soon as I flipped the switch so that the water comes out of the shower, I could not adjust the water temp - it was like it was set (sorry if this is confusing).

Both of the bathrooms have Kohler fixtures. After reading some forums, I went to Home Depot and got a replacement mixer valve, but after installation there was no improvement, so I returned it.

My question is twofold. What do you think the issue is and can I do anything on my own, or does the plumber have to get involved?

Thank you for any help.