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Thread: washer water backs into tub

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    Default washer water backs into tub

    Hi guys, here's the problem...we just had someone create a laundry room. The washing machine drain taps into the tub waste drain. When we started to do our laundry, the waste water from the washer starts to fill into the tub and drain from there. We called the remodeler and he said that will happen due to the pressure in the drain pipe. He says he can fix the problem (possibly) by removing more drywall, adding new pipes, more money, etc. Any cheaper and easier ideas out there? Right now, we don't have a laundry basin, could we have the washer drain into a separate laundry tub to help relieve some pressure in the drain line?? Any suggestions out there? Thx! -Ellen

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    Default drain

    pressure in the drain pipe.

    That's an odd choice of words.

    There is a lot to be said about getting a plumber involved with those kind of jobs.

    Are you talking about a laundry tub or a bath tub. If it's the laundry tub thats next to the washer, get that branch of your sewer system cleaned by a qualified drain cleaner and see if that makes a difference.

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    I suspect the tub drain your washer is emptying into is only 1-1/2" pipe. A washer needs a 2" pipe. If that's the case, the tub drain is simply too small to handle the volume of water the washer is dumping into it. It then backs up into the tub until it can drain. A drain line is not pressurized.

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    You could put the washer hose into the tub. Wire it in place and make sure there is nothing in the tub to stop up the drain.

    The tub will buffer the flow so the small drain will take care of it.

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    Talking clean out the tub drain

    have you had the tub drain cleaned out ???

    that could solve the problem


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