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Thread: Tub Faucet Leaking After Many Replacements

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    Default Tub Faucet Leaking After Many Replacements

    This is an older house made around the 1950s and the diverter valve is of the type that's built into the stem rather than that little plug you pull up on a faucet. So far, we've replaced all washers, stems, and handles for each of the three controls (cold, hot, and shower). I'm not particularly certain what else we could replace besides the complete diverter valve assembly, but that would be a most unfun job.

    Now, I've tried to isolate what could be causing the problem, but it's been difficult since a shut off valve wasn't installed for the tub. One thing I have tried to do is look closely at the dripping water and veeery slowly turn one of the control knobs on to see if the water becomes one with the rushing water or stays separate, but it appears the drip and the rushing water are separate.

    What else could I be missing??

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    It's always a good idea to replace the seats along with the new stems. That being said the better choice would be to replace the faucet will a new anti scald balance pressure faucet.


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    If the washers are gouged then you need new seats and washers.

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    A picture of your faucet might help, but since you do not mention the seats, I assume you have not changed them and that is what is probably causing the drip. Depending on the faucet, how I would fix it might be different than how you can do it.
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