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Thread: Flange diameter too wide / Wax ring problem

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    I think what HJ was talking about was finding a pipe section with a similar inside diameter to the internal pipe in your toilet flange. Cut a section of the pipe so it sets on top of the existing pipe and comes up to the level of your toilet flange. Then caulk the annular space between this new pipe and the toilet flange with something like J-B Weld so that it is even all around. That should give you more surfaces to set the wax ring on.


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    You could use 100% silicon caulk to seal that gap as well...since it is all inside the pipe, the only time it would leak out is if there were a plug in the drain and the water backed up. The wax seal would likely also fill that gap, which would be a 'normal' diameter for the ring. That extra stub of pipe is essentially just a filler to make the hole smaller.
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    I tried the method I posted about, but it just smelled funny downstairs and I wasn't sure why, so I have decided to try HJ's and Wjcandee's idea of using PVC pipe and a filling in around it with the compound/epoxy/stuff.

    With that said, I measure the diameter of the hole, and it is 3 3/4", but you had suggested a 4" pipe, so that means when I put the pipe on, there will be a 1/4" lip still there. Is this going to be an issue when all is said in done? Sewage getting caught on that lip? etc?



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