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Thread: how to fill gap in concrete around pvc drain?

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    Default how to fill gap in concrete around pvc drain?

    I have a metal flange on a pvc pipe. The bottom of the flange is approximately at the level of top of the tile floor. However for about 140 degrees of the flange, the tile is cut at the outside edge of the flange, and there is no concrete immediately surrounding the pvc pipe, for as far down as can be seen. There is about a 1-1.5" concrete gap around the pvc for that 140 degrees. The pvc pipe doesn't move, but at the very least it would be nice to have the pipe surrounded by something underneath the flange to prevent the flange bolts from falling in. My only access to this gap is through the flange bolt openings. What material should I use to fill this gap? Thanks for any suggestions.

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    I'd use Water Plug Cement. Mix it in small amounts at a time and cram it into the space. Use heavy rubber gloves as this stuff is loaded with lime and will burn your hands. It sets very quickly, so don't mix a whole can at once. It doesn't have to go clear to the bottom of the space. Follow the directions on the can for mixing and applying. This stuff is also great to plug leaks in concrete walls even when water is leaking.

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