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Thread: Any update on the Delta Prelude's? Performance, fit-n-finish, etc?

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    Question Any update on the Delta Prelude's? Performance, fit-n-finish, etc?

    This forum in just the last week has provided me enough info that my friends are beginning to think my profession is now plumbing. LOL While I await my 2 Drake's to come in I'll do some forum work for a friend and their questions...

    We see the Delta series is relatively new and can find little beyond introductory info on the Prelude model and hope there may be some additional real-world experience you could offer. Firstly, I see most wear items are available through Home Depot although aside from possible substitution with a readily available Fluidmaster fill valve all other items seem to be Delta specific and require online ordering as they aren't in-store stock. This could be either a minor or major inconvenience depending upon whether you have more than one facility available in the home. Secondly, how does it perform? It looks to be a jetted flush but does it get the job done and how's the wash? Lastly, fit-n-finish -- Worthy of at least the $130 budget pricing?

    As stated, aside from the Home Depot videos and maybe two forum references on the entire web to this model there is really little to go with so any insight would be appreciated.

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    Only reviews I have seen are on the HD web site, and there are a lot of them.

    Most folks who buy a $120 complete toilet kit don't start with high expectations. We find this with the cheapo Costco toilets on which the flush system repeatedly breaks -- folks seem happy that someone will mail them the parts for free that take a week to get there. If it's the only toilet in the house, it would have to be have been 100% free for me to find that to be an acceptable solution. So, the reviews have to be understood as being the product of low expectations.

    That said, almost all the reviews are from folks who installed it themselves, and appreciated the design features that make it a very easy DIY installation. The basic take on it seems to be that it is decent quality for the price, that the wax ring is too thin if the top of the flange isn't above the floor level, which most folks won't know until they have pulled the old toilet and inspected their flange, and that the seat is junk. People don't seem to complain much about its ability to swallow waste, so most folks give it a decent rating. However, a number of folks do complain about bowl wash -- and those are the folks who bring it back or junk it. Given that many are replacing high-flow toilets, it's hard to know how legitimate those complaints are, but they are out there.

    The parts issue is a non-starter for me on the Corrente -- I'm not waiting a week for a fill valve, and you can only use their fill valve. (The Prelude appears to permit replacement with a generic fill valve.) Also, on both the Prelude and the Corrente, their flush valve is a Delta-only part because the flush hole is not a standard size (i.e. 3"), and the flapper is a Delta-only part. Most stores don't seem to be stocking the parts, so it's a mail order situation for all of them, including the flapper, and I was rather unexcited to see on several occasions in the past few months where the HD web site showed the flapper as out of stock.

    My own feeling is that a quality toilet isn't something I should need to think about for years, and shouldn't have to think about replacing for decades. I'm pretty sure that I'm never going to need to replace our Toto Drakes or our Toto Carlyle II anytime soon, perhaps not even during my remaining lifetime. Some of our toilets have lasted since the 1950s and one from 1927. (We'd replace them for the water savings if they were used frequently, but they are not.) I'm hoping for similar longevity from our Totos and expect to receive it. I wouldn't say the same about the Deltas, but I guess we will see.

    I, like you, have looked around and not seen much on the toilet beyond that...
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    Hey wjcandee, thanks again for another thorough response (to the extent that you can respond to this model)!

    Since you are familiar with my story -- I was actually also toying with the idea of taking those Drake's I bought and keeping both of them for myself then getting the Prelude for my senior neighbor's install. The more I thought about it though the more I believe I should do right by her and at least provide a unit that will most likely remain trouble free. Too bad because this was directly within her limited budget and would save me from kicking in $70. Meanwhile I'll keep an open eye for any additional Prelude insight but continue to attempt coercion of my other friend to follow me down the path of TOTO.
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