I just had a bathroom rebuilt, with a tub / shower + handheld; but the handheld is currently not installed because I apparently bought the wrong kind of valve to do all three. I bought a Moen #3320, but didn't realize "3 function" didn't actually mean "3 function".

Not sure why I thought this, I was probably just tired and confused after hours of trying to figure out what I needed, but I had thought that I would be able to use the tub spout to divert between the tub and the shower+handheld, and then use the control on the valve to switch between or merge the shower and handheld.

But apparently not, the valve doesn't have a tub drop. So, the contractor sent one output to the tub and the other to the shower and the handheld is not yet connected.

The question is, is there any way to make this work the way I thought it would? I still have full access to the wall behind the plumbing and can do pretty much anything.

I suppose the easiest thing to do would be just to get a separate diverter valve to split the shower output between the showerhead and handheld, eg something like this. But I'd like if possible to make the tub spout diverter work, if only because (a) I already have it, and (b) Bad Things Happen if you use it.

Any thoughts? Does the moen 3320 have a big brother which includes the tub drop? I'm not opposed to replacing the valve if need be. Or is there some other clever way to do this? Or am I best off getting the separate diverter, and maybe a different tub spout without a diverter?