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Thread: Kohler Tub Refinish or Replace?!

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    Default Kohler Tub Refinish or Replace?!

    Currently we have a Kohler Villager bathtub. Its still in newer, in good condition, no rust, but the shiny finish is starting to wear. We are re-tiling and I'm just wondering if I should replace it or refinish it. My biggest fear is to put the new tile in and the tub sticks out. I'll attach some pictures and give me your thought.Name:  Bathroom JC 003.jpg
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    It would cost as much to do a good refinish as it would to buy a new tub. Since you are retiling, i would replace it.
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    Refinishing tubs is never as good as the original factory finish (well, maybe a full restoration where they sandblast the thing clean, then add new glaze and fire it for a factory like new finish). Some report as little as a few years, then things start to peel or flake. Epoxy paints are good, but never as robust as a good factory porcelain finish. Both the liners and refinishes are a stopgap patch. Maybe okay for a rental or a flip; not for something you want to keep.
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