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Thread: Kohler Faucet

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    Default Kohler Faucet

    Well, I didn't do too well with my question regarding Fontaine faucets, and probably rightly so. How about the Kohler Clairette? I know Kohler by name is a good faucet and know I have used a some of their faucets in the past. But, what about their new Clairette faucet with the pull-out sprayer?

    I appreciate any information. Thanks ahead of time.

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    Discussions on Kohler here (you can do a search on themenu bar above) seem to indicate that Kohler is a design of the moment. It might be hard to find parts after awhile, or if you do, you will have trouble finding them locally and have to order them. Also, if the part is not in stock, they'll not make it a priority to get it. I ordered a shower door from them and it took 6-months to deliver - that's with the distributor calling them every couple of weeks trying to find out where it was and getting new, ignored, shipping dates. Do a search, read what others have said, and some of the pros will have their own comments, both good and bad.
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    Thanks for the info. I did a search in the forums and the was maybe one comment on a Kohler faucet, and I don't think it was a kitchen faucet. So, I guess I'll wait and see if I get any bites on my original question...

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    Default kohler

    My thoughts are..............
    Kohler does a lot with design and much of there goods are made with good quality brass.
    But I think they are over priced.
    I wouldn't care to use Kohler at all and I could list many reasons.
    Kohler has a heck of a parts book and I think the parts are over priced too.

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    Then who would you recommend for a kitchen faucet that has style, quality, and is reasonably priced? Anyone....

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    Delta.....American Standard......

    For an off-mainstream brand which has style and seems to have a favorable price/quality relationship....consider Pegasus. At least it is being widely sold by the big gorilla (HD) so you have a fair shot at continued parts availability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrsnblm
    Then who would you recommend for a kitchen faucet that has style, quality, and is reasonably priced? Anyone....

    I may be way off the mark here but here goes. Only because you mentioned the "stylish" Kohlers then I was assuming you were in the $150.00 range...?
    And if that's so if you kick it up a few bucks and find a discounter on-line then you may look at a few of the lower priced Hansgrohe.

    I was able to find an allegroh faucet in their axxor line for under 200 bucks and Im going to snap it up for the master bathroom.

    I would only look at their products if I wanted a fast forward minimalist look.
    It seems the market is still glutted with the "retro" look with few affordable options imnsho.

    Their list prices are nuts..however.

    My philosophy is: find what you want. Then spend time looking for the price you want. You will never know if you can get high end items at reasonable prices unless you put in the time (usually on the net).


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