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My second Eco Drake arrived at my HD. Both boxes looked fine. I asked to inspect both pieces and their guy opened them up. All was well. What I received was a tank ST743E#01 and bowl C744EL#01. Both pieces were made in Mexico.

I did the install slowly and worried about the wax ring, but it turned out all right. I had a front to back rock which I fixed with shims. I am not comfortable with plumbing, so time will tell.

Testing: It seemed to me the flapper closed much to fast. The bowl didn't completely fill every time. Holding the handle helped but I don't think that's the answer. The flapper is gray, if that means anything. I felt there was too much slack in the flapper chain so I shortened it and I believe things are better. Any comments on chain slack? So now the testing. I like the height and so do my tired knees.

So that's where I'm at. Right now I have no problems with a Toto Home Depot purchase.

Marty - great job on the install! It's pretty satisfying, isn't it?

Enjoy the testing process! I too like the height - makes it much more comfortable and easier to get up. Now you can relax and appreciate having a toilet that works every time. Simple pleasures.