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Thread: Well Water Cloudy After Heavy Use

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    Default Well Water Cloudy After Heavy Use

    Hello, I live in a 40+ year old home in Nova Scotia. I have a drilled well 175 feet deep, the water has arsenic that is treated with a dual filter setup, the rest of the house is not treated so I get iron staining in sinks and toilets.

    My issue is if I run the water for a while (eg. running the kids sprinkler for an hour) the water starts coming out very cloudy with sediment. It takes anywhere from 12-36 hours to return to normal, and also sometimes happens after a very heavy rain.

    It is a real nuance as it is filling the toilets tanks with sand, and I am sure the hot water tank too.

    Any ideas what the source of the issue is, is there likely sediment at the bottom of the well that gets sucked up when run low?



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    Anytime water quality changes after a rainstorm, it is not a good thing. It usually means the well is not sealed properly, and rainwater is getting in. Believe it or not, rainwater can contaminate the water in the well. It flushes pesticides, dog crap, and anything laying on the ground down the well. So first thing, the well needs to be sealed properly.

    Running the sprinkler for a long period of time can draw the water down in the well, causing high velocities, which can stir up the well.

    Or running one sprinkler for long periods can stir up the well by cycling the pump on and off. Cycling can also stir up the well and cause problems.

    After you get the rainwater intrusion stopped, you can pump the well hard and see if you can get it developed and cleared up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gahalifax2010 View Post
    I have a drilled well 175 feet deep...
    What is the well formation? Is it bored into bedrock? How far down to bedrock? How old is the well? What size is the casing?

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    I'd be more worried about the possible bacteria count in the well! Like valve man said, if your well is impacted by rainfall, you need to address that issue.

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