Hi all,

About 7 months ago we had our pressure relief valve replaced because it was leaking. About 3 weeks ago it started leaking again.

I decided I would attempt to replace it myself and was successfully able to do so. For the first day and a half it seemed to be fine, no water leaking at all. But then it started leaking again.

I have read that the expansion tank could be the culprit but I have no idea if that is the case. I tapped the bottom and top and the top sounds solid and below sounds hollow and I don't feel the bottom as being warm so I'm not sure if the expansion tank is bad or not. At the top of the expansion tank is a valve and it does have a bit of water on it. Could that mean a bad bladder?

I watched a couple of videos on checking the pressure on the tank, but one says to check the valve on the bottom and another says that the place to check is the top. The top does have a valve stem similar to a bike tire valve stem. The bottom has a cap and what looks like it could be a valve under it. But of course the pressure guage I have here isn't working so I'm not able to tell which is the correct one.

I replaced the relief valve with the exact one that was on there that is rated for 30 PSI. I took a picture of the guage on our boiler that shows temp and pressure and attaching. I think these settings should be ok but not sure.

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Are there any other things I can check myself or do I need to bring a pro in?