I'm rehabbing an old house and turning a small bedroom into a master bathroom and we're leaving the hardwood floor (don't ask!). The spot for the toilet is at the edge of the room where there is a significant amount of settling. From the left side of the toilet base to the right the floor drops about 3/4". So, the questions:

- should I mount the toilet flange flush to the floor or should I shim up the right side?

- if flush to the floor, then how do I make the toilet level? how do I make one side of the wax ring thicker than the other?

- besides fashioning a wood base to fit the underside of the toilet base is there any way to make this look normal? My carpentry skills are limited at best so I was hoping for a solution that didn't involve a band saw. Maybe shim up the right side and fill the space with fast setting joint compound? Will that fill 3/4"?