Hello to all,
I'am trying to understand why there are so many softener heads for different types of exchange resins.I have a flex5600econimizer. that we are using with Ionac c-249 for a soluble manganese 0.236mg/l which isn't working,so I was thinking on using Filox or Pyrolox or Greensand? but from what we are reading,they have all have diff.set-ups(heads) Filox-r calls for a flex-2700 for a 10in x 54' tank and so-on!!But a also have a bran new flex-7000 not the s.l.x. model,(just filter head).
Can I use either one?Anyways we need to save water(slow-well).What is best approach?
How about Greensand with potassium permanganate will this use the least amount of water?
My set-up now<well=softener=cistern=bladder=house. so softener regenerates oxidized cistern-water(not-soluble) if you can understand?kind of wanting it this way? Thanks to all who reply