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Not at all. I understand about different browsers and I happen to use Firefox here on my morning machine. My situation (such as at the sites I manage) is just that I think more people should put more efforts into keeping things backward-compatible for as long as possible for folks that know little or nothing about browsers and/or that only have older ones available to them. Knowing virtually nothing about any of this, I got into WordPress a little under a year ago, then began discovering problems when I later switched to a newer theme that is "mobile-first". People told me it looked fine on their phones, but certain desktops were not showing bullets in the password box during login. I now understand at least a little about IE being a PITA for developers and coders, but leaving it in the dust is not an option for me.
What a headache that must be. I think I have been desensitized to the fact that there are many out there who are forced into situations where they have to use multiple systems with software that is not always of their own choosing.

And don't even get me started on those smart phones... They should be called "self inflicted tracking and spyware devices"... Handy little things they are but I think giving up privacy is too steep of a price.