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Thread: Is there another product that will help me

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    Default Is there another product that will help me

    I just purchased a cabin in the woods. It has a well, one toilet, shower, kitchen sink but has acidic water (6.0) and the iron is at 4.8. The cabin already has a really poor pump house that contains a water-right back washing acid neutralizer and a water-right softener. As I started to look at the system and understand what is going on, it looks like the system has not been filled with salt for brine and I have no record of the media in the acid filter being replaced. I suspect that the thing hasnt worked in years (installed in 2000). The pump house is coming down and I will have two tanks plus a brine tank sitting around. My question is: do I really Need the system? For as much time that we will spend at the cabin. A full backwash seems like such a waste for the few gallons we would use. Also, I turn off the well pump when I leave. Is there another system - an inline filter with media or something else. I would love to get rid of the system and simplify. Maybe install a full system drain and drain as I leave plus turn off the pump?

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    Water Right systems should have some kind of number in or on the control head.
    An example would be ASC-100 1044, that would Ziolite 100 in a 10x44 tank.

    One or both of the media tanks could be turned into just Calcite filters, correct the PH and remove some of the iron as the ph is corrected to above 7 and should be good for the most part.

    It is really not wasting water as it is also turning the water over in the well as water is removed and new water then comes into replace what you are taking out.

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