Hi all,
I am installing a new master bath in my house and I have a couple of shower questions that I can not find consistent answers to online.

I am planning on 3 heads...a normal shower head, an overhead "rain" head and a hand held wand mounted on a side wall.

I have a delta r10000 universal valve and a delta r11000 3/6 rough diverter.

I understand that the mixer feeds theee diverter, and that the diverter can then feed three heads. The diverter can be used with a 3 setting or a 6 setting selector trim, the cartridge comes with the trim. We would go with the 6 setting which will allow any head to be used individually or any 2 used together.

The pieces came with 1/2" inlets, is this adequate? should i try to find a company that has 3/4". We are not using body sprays.

Do I need a pressure balancing loop in this situation? If so, does anyone have a diagram of this?

I am not new to installing showers...but have never done multiple heads.

Has anyone worked with these Delta models before? any hints/tricks?