The DWV system is in and complete, and I'm assuming the inspector will want to see a pressure test. When I had the underground work done, the plumber put about 20 psi(!) in the system and left it for the inspector, who I don't even think looked at it. I've since learned that 20 PSI is way too much, and potentially dangerous. Anyhow, I need to test the entire system now. The underground is still capped, so I'm good there, and I've capped everything else except the roof vents. There lies the problem; they're way up there on a steep, slippery metal roof. I'm trying to figure out how to either cap them for a pressure test, or how to fill the system with water. I could add a fitting in the attic so I could fill it with water, but it wouldn't be 10' above the horizontal vent lines in the attic. Is that necessary, or do they mean 10' above pipes that are actually going to conduct water (drains)? Maybe I could add a fitting so I could attach a garden hose somewhere inside, and then add water until it comes out of the roof vent? I don't know how we'd monitor the water level, though, short of seeing a leak somewhere. If I were going to use air pressure, I'd have to somehow plug the vents on the roof- not a fun prospect. Any pointers for testing when the roof isn't easily accessible?