Hi all,
(apologies if this has been asked an answered, but i searched quite a bit)

I'm in the midst of a bathroom remodel and am working on replacing the tub. I removed the old tub and the brass drain assembly, which connected to 1 1/2" PVC. I'm looking to put in an all-PVC drain assembly. Because of the way the drain pipe is angled, a p-trap with union joint (and union nut) is dry fitting much better than a p-trap that uses PVC cement to connect the two pieces - which was my first preference as I was more confident that it would never leak. But this cemented p-trap assembles top-to-bottom almost 1" higher and really throws everything off when connected to the drain pipe.

So... is it OK and proper to use a p-trap with a union joint for a tub drain that i will have almost no access to once i drop the tub in? I'm a bit worried about the possibility of a leak, but am hoping that's just paranoia