HI all,
This is my first post.

I have a Culligan Mark 89 and I recently swapped out the brine tank with a newer one. The old one was dirty and the bottom screen broken and cracked up pretty good.
The new tank was cleaned, the valve was taken apart and cleaned and checked.

I am experiencing air pockets in my water lines after the unit recharges. One thing I noticed is that the brine tank isn't filling with enough water so the unit is probably sucking air at some point.

Can someone tell me what mechanism controls the amount of water that goes back into the brine tank during recharge?
When the unit is sending water back to the tank, I do seem to have good pressure and flow.. (I can soak my dog from 10 feet away no problem)..

My tank is only filling with about 10 inches of water.. My brine dial is set to draw 7 lbs. The water never reaches the level I have the float set at.