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Thread: AS3740 Waterproofing Showers

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    Default AS3740 Waterproofing Showers

    It's been a long time since I have studied up on our Australian friends waterproofing requirements. I remember reading pages of pages on the subject years back when studying different tanking measures for a no hob shower. No hob showers are showers without curbs or with out shower dams. Tanking is a term for waterproofing and like the Brits the term tanking is used versue waterproofing.

    In Canada at least there is little info in the building codes for how showers are to be waterproofed and what is required in a barrier free or no hob shower. In Australia they have a very detailed outline and these waterproofing measures are covered by AS3740. Waterproof membranes down South in both New Zealand and Australia need to conform to AS4858:2004

    I like the testing the Australian's do when reviewing waterproofing membranes and the incorporation of water-stops and very detailed floor to wall waterproofing measures is very interesting.

    Scott Weston Architecture Design - Australia

    I think we could all learn a thing or two from our friends down South.

    Here is a great link resource for anyone looking for more information on Waterproofing Aussie Style. There are 34 posts under Waterproofing. This resource by http://www.infotile.com.

    I found this web site that list members in Australia that specialize in bathroom waterproofing . http://www.waterproof.org.au/bathroom-contractors.html
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