Hi Everyone,

I'm working on installing a new tub and shower faucet set. I had someone doing some work for me while I was away, but he left it partially unfinished. My question is related to the slip-on tub spout and the white plastic adapter that fits it to the 1/2" copper pipe protruding from the shower wall.

When I returned from being away, I noticed that the tub spout hadn't been caulked. So, I backed off the set screw and pulled the spout off to clean everything up. When I pulled the spout off, I found a white plastic adapter with two o-rings. Trouble is, one of the o-rings fell off mid-pull and now I don't know what goes where. (I know, it's probably something simple ...)

Here's a picture of the white adapter on the wall with the one o-ring still intact:

The o-ring on the adapter is 1" in diameter. The o-ring that fell off mid-pull is 7/8" in diameter. I tried re-installing the tub spout without the second o-ring but there's a small leak at the wall (the setscrew was tight, etc.).

Here's an internal picture of the tub spout:

Can someone help me figure this out? I'm not even sure if this so-called adapter came with the tub and shower faucet set or if it's something that was added by the guy who helped me (he's now away on vacation and I can't contact him). Is there a name for the white adapter?

Thanks in advance,