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Thread: Bathtub spout question

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    Default Bathtub spout question


    We are redoing our bathtub, and it has the style of spout with the treads at the wall end of it.

    We obtained a replacement spout of the same type, but when we thread the spout back on to the fitting in the picture it gets to a certain point and the whole fitting just spins. Is this normal? Do we need to cut the old piece of copper out and replace it with a new piece of copper and a new fitting, or can we just pull the fitting off?...

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    That is cut very short to the wall.
    The piece on there isn't what we normally see.
    It looks to be 1/2" copper with a plastic fitting loose on the end.

    If it's me, I'm picking up a Delta tub spout and extending the copper out with the solder on adapter that the Delta comes with.
    Most of the other spouts will need extending too.

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