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Thread: Order of the gaskets

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    Default Order of the gaskets

    Boy, do I need help here.

    I have a Pfister Pfirst Series Centerset Bath Faucet, 4 Inch, 2-Handle, 3 Hole Lavatory Faucets Professional Grade, probably Model #: G143-5100 (if not exactly, my model it probably works exactly the same way), in one bathroom. It leaked for the first time a few days ago, and I demounted it to clean it. Now, I do not remember the order of the three gaskets.

    Details: In the valve (960-802 Cartridge), there are two butterfly-like hard plastic "gaskets" (H) and one butterfly-like soft rubber gasket (S). I suspect that the order should be HSH, but I am not sure. Is there an expert here that would know?

    Thank you very much for your possible help!

    Hans L

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    This may help but I don't see any butterfly gaskets.


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    They are NOT plastic, they are ceramic, and if you removed them it is not always easy to get they reassembled properly. The two ceramic pieces fit together, and very specific order, and the rubber goes on the outside to hold them in place when it is tightened into the faucet.
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